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Operations Technology

LNA provides specialised OT services
for mining and energy, including
system integration, software
engineering, cyber security, remote
operating control, and support,
ensuring smooth operations, safety,
and innovation.

Analytics & Intelligence

LNA specialise in analytics and
intelligence solutions, harnessing the
important context of data to drive
informed decisions and optimise
operations for our clients.

Production Management Systems

LNA provides advanced production
management systems tailored to
optimise efficiency and streamline
operations in various industries.

System Design & Integration

LNA specialises in solution design
and integration, creating seamless
and tailored systems to meet the
unique needs of our clients across
various industries.

Autonomous Haulage

LNA excels in autonomous haulage
solutions, leveraging cutting-edge
technology to enhance efficiency
and safety in mining operations.

Permit to Work & Safety Systems

LNA specialises in safety systems
for permit-to-work, leveraging Adapt
IT’s IntelliPermit. With extensive
experience in heavy industry, we
prioritize people, emphasizing safety
and compliance by streamlining
processes without compromise.

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